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Shopping My Collection: Spring 2014 Favorites

Shopping My Collection: Spring Favorites* Indicates a PR sample, contains affiliate links.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for spring/summer to come around like I have been recently. I’m still trying to figure out why, but it may be because this winter was pretty brutal but this is coming from someone who is currently living in the South and formally lived in iceberg nation (also known as Boston) for my entire life, so I really don’t have much to complain about since it could always be worse. But I think I am most excited about bright colors since I’ve gotten into this thing where I have to have fresh (and very bright) flowers around me at all times so I am especially excited to start wearing brighter toned makeup come spring and summer time.

I’m always tempted to buy new things but I thought with me having this pretty hefty collection over here that I just shop my own collection and bust out and dust off the products more geared toward the warmer months and here’s what I have gathered…

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ILIA Beauty’s Hold Me Now & Jump Review, Photos, Swatches

ILIA Beauty’s Hold Me Now & Jump Review, Photos, SwatchesPurchased by me, contains affiliate links.

Spring is here and there’s no better way than to celebrate with some new lipsticks in my acrylic lipstick holder! Especially if these particular lipsticks are on trend with all of the colors you expect to see around spring and summer time this year.

I don’t know about you but I thought it was especially cool that ILIA Beauty decided to release two new lip conditioners instead of lipsticks since I feel that the formula of the tinted lip conditioners is best suited for the warmer months since it has a much lighter texture and they are very balm-like.

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RMS Beauty’s Defining and Volumizing Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches

RMS Beauty's Defining and Volumizing Mascara Review, Photos, SwatchesPurchased by me, contains affiliate links

Leave it to Rose Marie Swift’s lovely line of makeup to be the one to drop two new mascara formulas on us on the same day making us all wonder which one we should try out first. Granted our pockets won’t be so happy about this but you know the product junkie in you, like me, thinks that you just have to try them both so that’s exactly what I did. I thought I’d try them both for all of you out there wondering which formula you should begin with first but you never know you may still leave this post thinking that you still need them both in your life but hey, it can be like that sometimes…

Granted I’m more the kind of gal that likes my lashes to be more defined, but how many times can any of us in the green beauty realm really say that we’ve actually found the perfect volumizing mascara that is indeed natural? Not I, so for that very factor I just had to see if RMS Beauty would forever go down as the natural makeup line that has actually created a mascara that really gives us all the volumized lashes we’ve been craving and oh! Defined ones too, but how hard can that really be right? Keep reading to find out! [Read more...]

New Things in the Mail: Spirit Beauty Lounge & ILIA Beauty Haul

New Things in the Mail: Spirit Beauty Lounge and ILIA Beauty HaulPurchased by me, contains affiliate links.

I’ve grown to really love season changes… It’s really because with a season change I now have new green beauty products to look forward to and also some new makeup trends to try out too (I’m looking at you orange lip). I’m no diehard or anything but I must admit that I am a bit pumped up about wearing brighter colors, so much so that I have really been trying to get outside of wearing just neutral clothing so I have been buying really bolder and brighter pieces and loving it. But check out the green beauty products that make spring time so much more fun below!

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My Budget to High End Natural Body Oil Arsenal

My Budget to High End Natural Body Oil ArsenalPurchased by me, contains affiliate links.

Since I’ve told you all about a favorite body serum of mine from One Love Organics last week, I thought I’d show you some other body oils that I have been using and loving as well. The body oils pictured above have all been in rotation at mi casa and they are either budget, mid range, or high end so there’s definitely something in here for everybody.

But how many of you prefer using a body oil, like I do, over your standard body butter or lotion? I find that they moisturize my really dry skin like no other and they also absorb fairly quickly and they give me that glow I love on my face, all over my body too. My once dry and scaly skin has become so soft (thanks to dry brushing as well) and I love it so much so definitely keep reading for some of my budget to high end picks!

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One Love Organics Body Serum in Lavender Review, Photos

One Love Organics Body Serum in Lavender Review, PhotosPurchased by me, contains affiliate links.

Whoever came up with the idea of putting body oils in a spray bottle is a genius because this has totally made my life a whole lot easier. I have wanted to try this body serum since reading about it on the blog life in blush, where Sophia wrote about how this body serum has helped her combat her really dry and itchy skin and that’s something that I’ve been dealing with for the longest. I pretty much have dry skin all year round which literally makes me feel like my skin is crawling so I was so excited to try this out.

I have also been absolutely obsessed with lavender lately so I had a little trouble deciding between the rose and the lavender because I really couldn’t resist the super cute pink bottle it comes in, but I went with the lavender and I’m so happy that I did. I probably will end up trying out the rose someday but the lavender scent is just so relaxing.
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