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Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Body Wash in Pumpkin and Coconut Review, Photos

Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Body Wash in Pumpkin and CoconutYESSSS! Acure Organics is at it again with the release of their new body washes, and I have to say that everything they put out is damn near perfect or very close to it. They’re products are super affordable and easily accessible and on top of that their cleaner than ever. So how can you not be in LOOOVE with this brand?

When I stumbled upon these body washes at my local Earth Fare, I literally was as excited as a tween at a Justin Beiber concert. Seriously, I was foaming at the mouth thinking get into my cart NOW! I then started sniffing each of them and the pumpkin and coconut ultra-hydrating one definitely smelt the best out of the four released. I had to have my friend pull me away from the display cause I literally wanted to buy them all really. The good thing about these body washes though, are that they are insanely cheap running at about $8-$10 depending on where you buy it so the more the merrier in this case.

This ultra hydrating body wash reminds me a lot of a tropical paradise and a gigantic feast all mixed into one. Woman’s Health Mag described it best in their article titled “5 Hydrating Coconut Products”, that this body wash smells much like Thanksgiving dinner and a day at the beach. I had a hard time describing this scent initially but that basically sums it up perfectly. This body wash is very hydrating like its name insists and it certainly doesn’t dry out your skin which I really love. I also love that the scent of this engulfs your entire bathroom and it lingers on your skin a bit afterwards which is quite sexy in this case because this smells really really good.

Luckily, this body wash is so cheap because I went through this body wash in 2 weeks flat so it’s definitely time to get my paws on another one. I do tend to be quite heavy handed with my products but I did go through this tube lightening fast. I used a pretty good amount suds’n up and I found that I needed quite a few squirts of this to get the lather that I prefer on a regular wash cloth. I think this might have worked out better lather wise for me if I used a loofah because I found that I needed a lot of product to get a really good lather. But you should also keep in mind that the lather for natural products will be much different than it would be for a product with all the nasties in it so I was super stoked that this lathered up at all. I found that it lathers up a lot better than other natural body washes that I’ve tried in the past so I was verrrry happy about that.

I will definitely be repurchasing this and I recommend this for anyone looking for a natural body wash with great ingredients that won’t dry you out, and for anyone whose looking for one that smells like heaven in a bottle! This is thee one!

Ingredients: Organic Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile) flower, Organic Euterpe oleracea (acai) berry, Organic rubus fruticosus (blackberry), Organic rosa canina (rosehips), Organic punica granatum (pomegranate), Organic Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos, sodium cocoyl isethionate (from coconut), glyceryl stearate se (vegetable), Organic virgin (cocos nucifera) coconut oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) endosperm, stearyl dihydroxypropyldimomiumoligosaccharides (from sugar), vegetable glycerin, glyceryl oleate (fatty acid), decyl glucoside (sugar soap), disodium cocoglucoside citrate (from coconut), phenethyl alcohol (fatty alcohol), glyceryl caprylate (vegetable fatty acid), sodium lauroyl lactylate (lactic acid salt), hydrolyzed jojoba esters, sclerotium gum (sugar gum), jojoba esters, Organic agania spinosa (argan oil) , Organic Fair Trade Certified™ olea europea (olive) oil, d- alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) seed oil, Organic curcubita pepo (pumpkin) seed oil, ubiquinone (CoQ10) , argania spinosa (argan) stem cells, glycerophosphoinositol lysine (from sunflower).

Where you can get it: $7.49 @ LuckyVitamin, $8.99 @ Vitacost

Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Body Wash in Pumpkin and Coconut

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  1. Sugarpuffish says:

    I love the sound of the scent of this body wash. I wish Acure was easier to get hold of in the UK.

    • Audreiana says:

      Hey Sarah! Have u thought about trying out I see that they sell Acure on there, but I’m not sure if their stuff is in your price range or not but its worth checking out! It’s always nice of you to stop by. Thanks!

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