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Blum Naturals, Love + Toast, and New Chapter Multivitamins

blum naturals cleansing wipes

Photo credit: Blum Naturals

I went to Earth Fare this week, like I always do when I get a little money to blow on some things that I have been pretty much dying to try out.

I left with a receipt that totaled far more than I would have liked, but all and all I was pretty pleased with the little that I got.

I’ve always wanted to try the Blum Naturals facial cleansing wipes as well as their feminine cleansing wipes since the Natracare Intimate Wipes were pretty terrible (click link for actual review).

There were different facial wipes according to your skin type and since there weren’t any that clearly read DRY I opted for the ones for Normal Skin with Cucumber and Aloe Vera. The other options were for those with “Pro-Age” skin and combination and oily skin.

The ones I chose have such a fresh cooling scent and I saw somewhere that if you refrigerate them it gives your skin a great cooling effect that I may just try out. But how odd is it having your skin care products in the fridge right next to the milk and eggs?

I probably won’t ever get used to that but if my skin loves it, I love it.

As for the feminine cleansing wipes I purchased the 15 pack (cause that’s all they come in apparently) in both the fragrance-free and light fresh scent. That’s literally what it says on the package, “light fresh scent” and I’m sure the company might have a difficult time explaining what something smells like just like I do which should explain the lack of description :).

The 15 pack fits so snugly in your purse which makes it so easy to keep with you for your constant bathroom runs throughout the day, although I did want to complain because it only came with 15, it then donned on me that I’d rather not carry around the 30 pack thing of towelettes that the facial cleansing wipes come in. So smart thinking Blum Naturals!

I purchased the fragrance-free ones just in case the light fresh scent was off putting, but needless to say I actually love the scent of the lightly scented ones and they just so happen to be just right! They are damp enough for me and the scent the wipes offers is not too overbearing and not non-existent either.

So far I am absolutely loving them and an added little bonus is that they both contain cranberry extract which is supposed to be great for UTI’s but I am not too sure how great this effect is when used externally. But it’s the thought that counts right? Right.

love and toast paper flower

Photo credit: Fragrantica

While there I also decided to buy a “natural” perfume and the only ones at Earth Fare were the Love and Toast ones. The scents I purchased were paper flower and sugar grapefruit. These scents smell delicious with paper flower smelling like bubble gum and cotton candy and the sugar grapefruit smelling very sweet, yet very feminine. I’m not too sure how to describe it but it is a very clean girly scent. I really love the way the two smell when used at once so I have been mixing them together to make my own sweet smelling concoction.

A word of caution though, the ingredients on the bottle were just fragrance and alcohol. Pause for reaction. Yeah I know! Meaning none of us really know what that fragrance part really means or even what type of alcohol the company uses. They could both be synthetic for all we know even if the bottle claims to be a “natural” fragrance so just use your own discretion.

Lastly, I picked up some Woman’s Daily multivitamins by New Chapter because I hadn’t been taking a multivitamin since forever and it looked as though all the green guys and gals suggested doing so. These are great because they’re whole food vitamins meaning they’re not synthetic and are readily absorbed by your body easily.

Well, that’s all I bought last week and I am pretty happy with everything thus far. What are some natural goodies you guys have bought recently? Share some of your juicy finds in the comment section or just leave a comment if you are living, breathing, and have a beating heart! No, seriously!

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2 Responses

  1. Caitie says:

    I picked up some Blum wipes to try out recently too! I really wanted unscented ones, which they don’t seem to offer in the face wipes, so I ended up getting their all purpose ones instead. I’ve never been a big wipes person, but so far I like them! :)

    • Audreiana says:

      Happy you like them! They come in handy when I feel too lazy to do an all out routine real late at night and they really help me to steer clear from ever falling asleep with makeup on.

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