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Must Have Natural Lipglosses from Revolution Organics, 100% Pure, Zuzu Luxe, and Burt’s Bees

Must Have Natural Lipglosses from Revolution Organics, 100% Pure, Zuzu Luxe, and Burt's Bees

It is fair to say that I absolutely love lip gloss! My collection of natural ones has grown quite a bit so I thought I’d clue you in on another one of my obsessions. This “obsession” is a sort of scary realization seeing as in high school you wouldn’t dare catch me with a glossy lip. I thought lip gloss was too girly in my early tomboy basketball and sneaker only days, but nowadays I usually love a side of lipstick with extra lip gloss pleasssse! So check out my natural lip gloss faves below.

1. The Hot Pinkette: Revolution Organics Lipgloss in Truth
First off, I really love the packaging of these glosses because it really lets the world know that not all natural beauty products come packaged in bamboo and old fashioned looking packaging. It is very modern looking and so is this particular shade which is a pretty sheer yet build-able hot pink. This also has slight shimmer to it and feels amazing on the lips! This just may be the best texture and consistency in a natural lip gloss that I have experienced so far. Grade A+

Where you can get it: Amazon

2. The Nude Gloss: 100% Pure’s Cocoa Berry
Is it just me or a lot of 100% Pure’s products are underrated? I don’t really hear too much about their makeup items but this gloss is definitely one of my favorites. The pigmentation and color coverage is pretty out of this world for a nude gloss and it has a really nice fruity scent to boot. I am really impressed with the color coverage and pigment load of this gloss and I wear it like allll thee time. So I am most definitely looking forward to trying out their other colors. Have you tried any of these?

Where you can get it: Bella Floria

3. The Edward Cullen of Glosses: Zuzu Luxe’s Mania
Let me apologize ahead of time for the Twilight reference but I really couldn’t resist because this gloss really is as vampy as vampy gets. It’s a reaaaally deep purple gloss with pretty strong red undertones, and like my other Zuzu Luxe lip glosses the pigment load on this particular gloss is insane and it is probably one of the glossiest ones I own. This definitely gives you a dramatic lip if that’s what you’re looking for!

Where you can get it: Amazon

4. The Barely There Pink: Burt’s Bees Rosy Dawn
I like this gloss because although it is pretty subtle it still gives me a teeny translucent wash of color, shimmer, and shine to make it look as if I am the girl who puts in quite the effort for early a.m. classes even though I really don’t. I mean lets face it we all want to be that girl who looks put together without having to do much so I just pop this gloss on my lips and add some mascara and that does it for me. This lip gloss also works well on top of a lot of my lipsticks without interfering with the actual color of the lipstick straight out the tube. So I reach for this one a lot too.

Where you can get it: Amazon

5. The Old Hollywooder Gloss: Zuzu Luxe’s Tango
This gloss definitely screams Old school Hollywood glamour and is a really nice red color with orange undertones. I definitely got a kick out of wearing this during the holiday season because it looks absolutely beautiful when wearing that sort of ugly yet cute Christmas sweater that your Grandmother always seems to buy you with some really hot old school Hollywood inspired curls.

Where you can get it: Amazon

6. The Shimmery Night Gloss: Burt’s Bees Starry Night
This gloss is a pretty deep purple with tiny flecks of shimmer that really can stand alone when layered on. I really like this on the days that I want a good amount of color and shine with little or no effort. This gloss also lasts incredibly long and is definitely reminiscent of the dark lip trend that I really love so much.

Where you can get it: Amazon

I’m sure this won’t be my only posts on all of my glosses because I’m sure I’ll be trying more in the near future but I’d love to know what glosses are in your collection so please let me know in the comment section below! Also, let me know which gloss you’d see yourself wearing the most below!

Must Have Natural Lipglosses from Revolution Organics, 100% Pure, Zuzu Luxe, and Burt's Bees

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    Hello Audreiana,

    I am a big lipgloss lover too and I love the suggestions but my favourite is the The Old Hollywooder Gloss: Zuzu Luxe’s Tango..gorgeous!

    Glad I found your blog :)

    Ila x

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