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My Budget Friendly All Natural Product Wishlist Part 1

Budget Friendly Products

Image Credit: All Womens Talk

I have a HUGE list of products that I so desperately want to try so I’ll be splitting them up between different posts because my list is just so ridiculously long. This list in particular will consist of those I consider to be “budget friendly” because when I get some cash to blow on some natural beauty products I will most likely be referring to this list first. I love budget friendly products just like anyone else because they don’t break the bank, and I am able to buy more products cause the odds are I’ll have more money left over to spend. So the product junkie in me tends to squeals in delight when this happens.

I will also be doing a blog post on some splurge worthy products I am dying to try as well because I also believe in some cases you get what you pay for. So there are some products that are truly splurge worthy because of their quality and benefits. Like a really good foundation, perfume, or serum. Not to say that you can’t find really good products for a really good price (because you most certainly can!) but there are some things where you look at the price and your eyes bug completely out of your head but they work absolute wonders for you. But enough about the products we sometimes feel a bit regretful about buying because of their hefty price tags and more about the ones that are tailored more towards our budgets and bank accounts.

My Budget Friendly Wishlist:

1. Silk Naturals Eyeshadows in every color imaginable $4 each

I’ve been absolutely dying to try these shadows ever since I saw swatches over at this blog. It looks as though the shadows she swatched (which are free of ferric ferrocyanide that some of the shadows may contain so beware of this) were really pigmented and just plain gorg’. The color payoff looks amazing and they have tons of dupes for mainstream shadows that I previously wanted to try, like the Urban Decay Naked Palette shadows. You also can’t beat $4 for an eyeshadow because have you seen MAC’s prices lately??? They’re  pretty outrageous.

2. Lilli’s 3-free Nail Polish $5.99 each

I saw these nail polishes on the GorgeouslyGreen blog and I really wanted to try these ever since. They come in such gorgeous shades like pastels, winter shades, and also has some base and top coats available for purchase. I like this because if you end up liking the nail polishes you can just get everything from the same place. I also really want to try these because they’re a bit cheaper than the Zoya nail polishes which I’d love to try too.

3. Elegant Rose Boutique Deoderant  $8.25

I’ve been wanting to try this deo ever since I saw it on the Epic Beauty Awards 2011. It comes in different scents and for only $9 bucks I think it is worth a try considering alot of us natural beauty enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a natural deodorant that actually works. It seems like this is one of the hardest to find next to a really good concealer that does great at disguising dark circles. So for only $9 bucks I think I’m going to give this a go.

4. Honeybee Gardens Lipstick and Eye Pencils $5.99 & $8.99

I’ve seen swatches of some of the lipsticks both here and here and I thought to myself that I absolutely have to have them. Especially the shade Karma and some of their baby pink shades as well. Karma appears to be a peachy nude and a girl just can’t have enough nude lipsticks and lip glosses to pair with an everyday look. And as for eye pencils, I think your makeup collection would be incomplete if you didn’t have any. Especially if you wanted to spruce things up and line your water or lash line with a pop of color or your usual black pencil. These are not too bad considering the price so I would love to try them both.

5. Blum Naturals Facial Cleansing Wipes $5.55

After talking about all this makeup I definitely have to mention some cleansing wipes that I’d like to try on those lazy nights that we all have. Since sleeping with a face full of makeup is a no go these all natural wipes would be a good alternative to savagely wiping your face with a face cloth when your makeup seems just too hard to remove. Makeup wipes are ideal for those types of situations and for this price I would definitely love to try these.

So that wraps up my list until next time. I did not want to bombard you all with all my wishes and dreams so until next time. Adios!

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