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My Natural Lip Liners ft. Jane Iredale and Benecos

natural lip liners from jane iredale and benecos

I used to watch movies awhile back and think man, look at how perfect their lipstick is and I immediately tried to emulate this perfectly lined and shaped lip but I always ended up with lipstick outside of the lines, like a child learning how to hold a crayon properly for the first time. Yet, I don’t think it really donned on me for eons and eons that this perfectly defined lip was due in part to the almighty lip liner!

Um, somebody please tell me how I could have missed this?

When switching to natural beauty products, I initially thought I would  never be able to don an equally bright and pigmented lip that could rival those of the NARS, MAC, or Revlon’s, let alone find matching lip liners to boot, but I have! I’ve found some really cool lip pencils that can be paired with a lot of the bright and pigmented natural lipsticks I now have scattered all over my vanity so I am pretty psyched about that.

But, although my collection is a bit scarce at the moment since things like lip and eye pencils are never on my list of things to buy first, it consists of two companies that have lip liners that work really great with a lot of the lipsticks I currently own. I’ve found that the lip pencils from Jane Iredale and Benecos are pretty great in both pigmentation and texture and I’ve been loving using them to define my lips for thee perfectly shaped pout. I have been digging both companies lip pencils at the moment, but Jane Iredale’s lip pencils definitely take the cake for a much larger color selection. They both make for some pretty great natural lip liners, so check out the ones I’ve been loving lately below.

1. Benecos Lip liner in Pink*

Since I am such a sucker for a pink lip it is only right that I own a pink lip liner to aid me in the execution of the perfectly defined pink lip. The bolder the better this spring right?! This lip pencil is more on the brighter side and is the kind of pink that is vibrant enough to link up with my ILIA Beauty lip crayon in Call Me , and this has been my go-to lip combo recently. It is a medium toned pink that is pretty pigmented while being soft enough so that it does not just drag across the lips. I’m loving it.

Where you can get it: Amazon, $9.99

2. Jane Iredale’s lip pencil in Cocoa

As a girl with a deeper skin tone a brown lip pencil is key! They are truly a life saver, trust me. I use this brown lip pencil to help transition much lighter lipsticks into my skin tone so that it doesn’t appear chalky and this definitely does the trick! I am a strong believer in making any lipstick work for you so this lip liner is a must for me and I will definitely be keeping this in my collection.

Where you can get it: Amazon, $9

3. Jane Iredale’s lip pencil in Berry

This purple berry colored lip liner is a hit for helping me transition much lighter pink lipsticks into my skin tone and I love it. This paired with a purple lipstick also works amazing because it defines my lips perfectly and makes a purple lip stand out even more, which is fab. I especially love pairing this lip liner with ILIA Beauty’s Ink Pot for a really deep purple lip on days that I am feeling quite dramatic.

Where you can get it: Dermstore, $11 (free shipping)

I plan on starting a whole lip liner collection and buying even more since sometimes I like to wear them alone or with a gloss on top so are there any you’d suggest? What are your favorite lip liners? Let me know in the comment section below!

natural lip liners from jane iredale and benecos

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12 Responses

  1. I am totally in love with Jane Iredale Lip Liners too. My favorites are Spice and Nude. Will try Benecos, the pigmentation looks amazing!

    • Audreiana says:

      Hey Lilly, yes I couldn’t believe how pigmented it was but I was very excited about that because you can totally just wear it buy itself if you wanted. I definitely think you’ll love them! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Caitie says:

    I’m a big fan of lip liners:) I wear them more on their own with just a gloss or balm over top than with lipstick, but they do come in handy for that too!

  3. Kathy says:

    I love my Jane Iredale crimson lip liner and use it to add oomph to a softer lippie. Also, check out Dr Hauschka lip liners – not cheap but gorgeous colors. I’m off to check out Benecos as I don’t know them!

    • Audreiana says:

      Hey Kathy, thanks for the suggestion! Dr. Hauschka definitely has some gorgeous colors. Also, definitely check out Benecos, I’m loving both their lip pencils and lipsticks.

  4. These look wonderful!! Great review

  5. […] Jane Iredale’s Lip Liner in Berry: I recently dyed my hair really dark, like jet black reaaaally dark so I sometimes want an equally dark lip because I’m all for queuing the dramatics at times. I used this lip liner this month so I could reminisce about the dark lip fall trend that I haven’t been able to get out of my head completely. So I’ve ben wearing this lip pencil alone and it’s been fab. It’s been fun yet sort of emo of me, but that’s okay. […]

  6. […] 7. Benecos Lip Liner in Pink* mixed with their lip gloss in Rose Garden: I’ve been loving these two paired together since this pink lip liner turns this medium tone purple gloss into a nice pinkish purple tone. Very, very pretty in this warm weather. […]

  7. Kasey says:

    Great picks! I’m still perfecting my use of lipliners in my daily makeup routine and love the way you suggest using them. The Benecos one looks gorgeous! Do you find them to be dry on the lips?

    • Audreiana says:

      Hey Kasey, I do find them to be a bit drying but I have lips that are on the dry side anyways. I find that lip liners are not that moisturizing most of the time so I always make sure that I apply a bit of lip balm prior to applying mine and then dab it off so that my lips aren’t too too dry. HTH thanks for your comment :)

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