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Natural Beauty Products I Would Repurchase Collab #1

best natural organic beauty productsHow awesome is it that us #greenbeauty bloggers get to collaborate on something? Thanks to iluvjesse444 we got to collaborate in a way that feels much like we’re all out dining together somewhere in cyber space discussing products that are worthy enough to be repurchased. It’s fun to see what the other girls come up with as well since we’re all pretty good at critiquing products to find our holy grail’s, so check out all the others girls posts on green beauty products that are worthy enough to be repurchased here.

Benecos Lipstick in Pink Honey
This lipstick is my perfect nude. I keep it in my makeup bag at all times and I wear it almost any day that I need a nude that doesn’t wash me out but still mutes out my lips in such a beautiful way. It’s almost down to its last bits so I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this one. Seriously if I found out they were selling out I’d go buy up all the last of its supply. Yup, its that great.

Where you can get it: Amazon, $13

100% Pure’s Lipgloss in Cocoa Berry (review coming soon)
This lipgloss is like the best match for my favorite nude lipstick which I talked about above, and with any other nude lipstick I decide to wear for that matter. On top of any nude lipstick I wear, this just makes it pop. Its the perfect mauvey pink! Its described as a “deep nude” so that’s probably why this works so well with my complexion. This gloss is a my lips but better shade that matches the color of my actual lips so I just love it. 9 times out of 10 I’m wearing this along with my Benecos lipstick in Pink Honey. How many of you have tried 100% pure’s lipglosses? Um what are you waiting for?

Where you can get it: Amazon, $14

Acure Organics Gotu Kola Stem Cell Day Cream
I have really really dry skin so I need a cream that does the works. It has to moisturize my skin thoroughly and the effect has to be long lasting. With this moisturizer my skin is so hydrated, smooth, and soft. It’s one of my favorites! I haven’t found anything outside of an oil that can moisturize my skin the way that this does so it is definitely a keeper and  worthy of repurchasing over and over again.

Where you can get it: LuckyVitamin, $14

Acure Organics Conditioner in Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell
I love love this conditioner. Not only is the price great but so are the ingredients and I love the cute little sayings on the back of each bottle that I find myself swooning over as I read them in the shower. I usually love anything with mint in it and I love the way the mint in this stimulates my scalp while cleansing it all at the same time. It’s just awesome man.

Where you can get it: LuckyVitamin, $8

RMS Beauty Uncover up in #44
I thought I was doomed to wearing very unclean concealer for the rest of my life until I found this bad boy. I was thinking the coverage and the staying power of any natural concealer would be just subpar and I’d be forced to walk the streets with no concealer at all, which would be such a nightmare! This is the most natural looking concealer I’ve ever worn and setting this with a powder makes it last all day so I am definitely in love. Rebuying!

Where you can get it: Dermstore, $36 (free shipping)

Zuzu Luxe’s liquid liner in Raven
I actually just repurchased my second bottle of this stuff because I literally used up every ounce of the one I had. When I say that I wear this everyday I mean I wear it everyday. I wear it to work, school, the grocery store for a quick run, I mean everywhere everyday! Life just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Where you can get it: Amazon, $14

Mad Hippies Eye Cream
Want a cheap cure for your dark circles? Well this is it! This eye cream not only lightened the darkness under my eyes, it also kept them so soft and hydrated. I also love this as a base for my under eye concealer!

Where you can get it: Amazon, $20

Blum Naturals Facial Wipes
I am always repurchasing these because I go through them very quickly because I literally use them everyday. They’re great for taking off makeup when you stroll in the house really late and you’re just too exhausted to do a whole out washing up routine.

Where you can get it: Amazon (price varies)

Dr Bronners Castile Soap
I’ve literally gone through 3 bottles of this stuff and I am now on my 4th one. I love using this as a body wash and it does the trick each and every time so I always have to have this on hand. It’s not drying and it gets you squeaky clean!

Where you can get it: Amazon (price varies)

Acure Organics Body Lotion
Although the scents I picked out weren’t the best smelling to me I can not deny the moisturizing power of these body lotions. These lotions didn’t just coat my skin and give the illusion that it was moisturized for like 30 minutes because it actually does moisturize your skin. I love these and I especially love their price.

Where you can get it: Amazon (price varies)

This was super fun and I’m hoping we have more! But don’t forget to check out the other ladies posts in the link above and also to leave a comment with some beauty products that you’d repurchase!

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14 Responses

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading/watching everyone’s has come up with some great products. I love Dr Bronner :)

  2. Caitie says:

    Great choices! It takes me forever to get through a lotion, but I think I’ll try Acure’s next time I need one :)

  3. What a fab selection of products! I love Dr Bronner and I’ve loved that Mid Hippie’s Eye Cream, ever since I seen your original review on it! :)

  4. Nicole says:

    I tried posting a comment and it’s not here. Maybe it just didn’t work, so I’m doing it again! First off, I love Dr. Bronners. Second, I adore the colour of Pink Honey. It’s on my list of lipsticks to try ANDDD third, I want all things Acure. That is all. Fingers crossed this works lol. xo!

    • Audreiana says:

      Lol It worked! Pink Honey is a gorgeous lipstick and you must try all things Acure! You’ll definitely be an addict when you do. Thanks for your comment girl

  5. Mary says:

    Great post, so many things I love here too! Especially the Acure Organics mint shampoo, I think it’s the best as well :)

    • Audreiana says:

      Yeah it’s awesome! I see a lot of us like the same things which must mean some companies are doing something right lol Thanks for your comment Mary!

  6. Mad Hippies! Check!

    I missed the last local spree but there’s a new one running. So I’m getting this finally! <3

  7. Jenny (RedheadBeautyDiaries) says:

    Loving all your choices! Especially the Benecos lipstick that sounds fab!
    LOL! at Mad Hippies! what a cute name for an eye cream! sounds like it’s a good one though :-)xxxx

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