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November 2013 Favorites ft. ILIA Beauty, Zuzu Luxe, Everyday Minerals

November 2013 Favorites ft. ILIA Beauty, Zuzu Luxe, Everyday Minerals

Ha! Can you believe it? I’m finally doing a favorites post, and I’m a bit late but with the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday bonanza I was a bit tied up. It was all fun and games doing it from the comfort of my bed while in my pajamas, but sadly I didn’t really partake in the festivities green beauty wise because the fact that I was in desperate need for some new clothing overtook me. Since when right? I decided to do the grown up thing and buy things that I “need” since my makeup collection is getting a bit ridiculous but ‘tis the life.

But back to the matter at hand, my favorites… Skincare has been so blah to me lately so I much rather talk about makeup until my face turns blue. It’s just more fun that way so let’s talk makeup, shall we?

1.       ILIA Beauty’s Lust for Life: Hey remember that really awesome lip conditioner that came out a few months back? I sure do, and I’ve been obsessing ever since. The texture of this is pretty dreamy and the color payoff really is bananas for this just to be a tinted lip conditioner. It’s like dude, are you sure this is not a lipstick? Just say it is a lipstick already because Lust for Life is pure sexiness in all of its deep and brooding glory. Dark lips are everything, have you gotten this yet?

2.        Zuzu Luxe’s Powder Blush in Samba: On days where I really don’t feel like applying eye shadow all over my lid and then defining my crease and outer V, you know the usual, I slap this into my tear duct area and POW! This instantly brightens up my eye area and I look halfway put together. I also really love placing this as a highlight under my brow bone and if I’m feeling really fancy I’ll wear this all over my lid and add some winged liner. This is a really nice golden peachy toned color that looks really nice on a warm complexion but sadly this doesn’t work for me as a blush should but hey, I’m all about making things work for me.
3.        Everyday Minerals Happiness Bronzer: I didn’t think this would work out for my skin tone initially because I have struggled in the past to find natural bronzers that were dark enough to act as a bronzer on me but this one actually works out. It works well at warming up my face after I apply my concealer to the areas of my face that I like to highlight. I would say that this is more of a contour powder than a bronzer for me but this works really so I’ve been using this and loving this all this month.
4.        ILIA’s Gold Box: I know that I haven’t had this for that long but I haven’t been able to part ways with it since I’ve gotten it. I’m in love with ILIA’s lip gloss in White Rabbit because it is so effortlessly glam even if worn by itself and the Illuminator in Cosmic Dancer is just… orgasmic. I use it to do so many things and create so many different looks so it doesn’t only work as an illuminator which means more bang for your buck. Since I love everything in gold and I love all things ILIA Beauty this set definitely was a no brainer. There’s definitely a full review in the works for this so stay tuned!

So that raps up my favorites for the month and I’d like to thank anyone who’s actually reading this. Also, if you’re reading this don’t forget to let me know what some of your favorites have been this month in the comment section below. I’d really love to know. Seriously!

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6 Responses

  1. mangomadness says:

    My favorite beauty product for this month is Zuzu Luxe Oil-Free Liquid Foundation. The shade ‘L-24′ is a perfect match for my dark brown skin, the formula is perfect for my skin type (oily/acne-prone) and looks really natural when set with Valana Minerals Stardust Luxury Foundation.

    I got samples of Zuzu Luxe Oil-Free Liquid Foundation at White Rabbit Beauty. The samples affordable and quite generous.

    • Audreiana says:

      I definitely need to check that out, I’ve also heard that they offer free shipping on their makeup. I’ll have to try out L-24 too because I’m not too sure what my shade would be in their foundation but I’d love to try it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Tania says:

    The Ilia products looks great, definitely want to try more from them :) x

  3. mangomadness says:

    Audreiana: You’re welcome! I love that White Rabbit Beauty has free shipping on their make-up.

    White Rabbit Beauty currently have a 25% off sale on all make-up until December 31. You chould get a sample and see if you like it in time to get a full size on sale.

    • Audreiana says:

      Thanks for letting me know, that is awesome!! I’m actually excited to try it out now so I’ll make sure I try to catch the sale before it is over. Thanks again hun!

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