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Review: Skin Apotheke Rejuvenating Eye Cream

I had a bit of trouble in the beginning when I was trying to order this product due to issues with Paypal, but that’s a whole other story. I reached out to Zria, the owner of the skin apotheke line, and she tried her best to help although the problem really lied with Paypal. Although this doesn’t have much to do with the actual results I got with the product it has much to do with the awesome customer service I received and how fast shipping was when I finally got the issue resolved. I ordered a sample of skin apothekes eye cream because I first heard of the product here and here and both women had such great things to say about it. So here it goes…

The sample was about 7.00 USD and came out to be around 9.00 USD with shipping. The sample was such a generous size and easily lasted me a month and a half, but this could’ve been longer if I weren’t so heavy handed with it first off. The cream was very lightweight and almost gel- like and I’m not really good at describing scents but it was very subtle and not at all a distinct smell. Now, I should probably let you know what kind of dark circles I am working with which led me to this product. I have pretty highly pigmented dark circles that almost appear dark purple at times and at first I didn’t have a clue as to where these evil things came from all of a sudden, until I found out the underlying cause. I have hyperthyroidism, Grave’s disease to be exact, and along with these unsightly dark circles came dry hair and skin, hair loss and thinning, and a host of other problems so don’t forget to get a check up folks!  But, with the kind of circles I have I don’t have much choice in wearing concealer since I’d end up looking like this if I didn’t.

The horror! The horror!

This under eye cream is perfect for those that use under eye concealer on a daily basis because it is very lightweight and can be applied before you apply your concealer as a good base for it. The ingredients in the eye cream are 100% natural and 95% organic, which I was really excited about, woot! That happens to be very great in my book. I know some of you are probably like “ok lady can you just get to whether or not this stuff actually worked?!?” because that’s what product reviews are all about right? Well, my answer is yes and no.Yes, because it did help with some of the discoloration under my eyes because I’ve noticed that in the 5-6 weeks that I had been using it once during the day and then again at night, the discoloration under my eyes definitely improved. It also surprisingly did wonders in tightening up my upper eyelids but not much for the discoloration I have in that area as well.

Overall, I like this product but I believe I may need something a bit stronger for my type of dark circles as a nightly treatment since I won’t be wearing concealer to bed because we all know how bad that is, don’t we? I still plan on purchasing this product to use during the day before I apply my concealer because it did help me out some and I like how smooth it helped my concealer to be applied. I’ll also be implementing some much needed greens into my diet because I know that with these kind of dark circles I’ll be needing much more than an eye cream to do away with them for good. As always, let me know what your experiences were with this product and if your considering trying it out as well.

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  2. franklin marshall says:

    It’s a nice post.

    • Audreiana says:

      Thank you. Thanks for reading!

    • Lutero says:

      I have a wheatish skin couolr and very dark circles under my eyes ( not bags ). I was wondering whether you have a product which will completely eliminate dark eye circles? I have used many products, however, they have always been concealers to cover up the dark circles and not remove them.Could you please inform me whether you have a product which will COMPLETELY ELIMINATE dark eye circles?P.S Do know any anti-shine whitening cream?

      • Audreiana says:

        Hey Lutero, I don’t know of an anti-shine whitening cream per say but I know that the natural skin care line Jurlique offers brightening products that I have not yet tested out. Also, as for a product that completely eliminates dark circles, I am still on the look out for such product and will be reviewing many others on this blog. But you should try the Skin Apotheke eye cream that I reviewed in this post because it has reduced my dark circles to some extent. Hope this helps.

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