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Mad Hippie’s Eye Cream Review, Photos

Mad Hippies Eye Cream, Review, Photos, SwatchesSince I’ve already covered the initial highlights and perks of this product in my initial review which you can read here I’m going to skip all of that stuff and get to the good part. Like, does this eye cream actually help with dark circles? And the answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! It most certainly does. Throughout the span of six weeks or so I have noticed that some of the pigmentation in my under eye has definitely gone away.

I will not say that this eye cream made my under eye circles vanish into thin air, but it has definitely helped in the reduction of my dark circles. I have noticed that I do not need as much concealer under my eyes as I once did and I don’t look as bad as I used to without any, but I am not home free just yet. I do still have some pigmentation left but I think that with the consistent use of this eye cream I will get even better results than I have already.

This truly is a great eye cream not only for treating dark circles but also worked great as a base for applying concealer because of its super creamy consistency. I loved using it not only for that but also for hydrating my whole eye area whenever it felt  really dry. My routine with this eye cream consisted of applying it in the morning after showering and getting ready, and also before bed using it only twice a day, and I have had such amazing results already!

Mad Hippies Eye Cream, Review, Photos, Swatches

The company claims that this eye cream also helps with fine lines and puffiness but this eye cream did not help with the puffiness in my eye area or even with my fine lines. If you are looking for something for eye puffiness check out my review here on the John Masters Organics Firming eye gel which I experienced such great results with for that.  I also noticed with this eye cream that it helped more with the discoloration in my under eye area than for the discoloration of my eyelids which would’ve been an added bonus, but hey I’m not really complaining.

All in all I am very excited about my results with this eye cream and I will definitely be repurchasing this because it is such a great price costing only $20 (on iHerb) for an eye cream that actually works on dark circles. This eye cream is most definitely for the guy or gal on a budget that needs a solution to their dark circles but doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a product. So, have any of you tried this eye cream? If so, what were your results? It is much cheaper than a lot of the eye creams people have had good results with and it actually works! For the price I think anyone should try it just once and see what results they get. This has definitely become my go to eye cream that I will always keep around because it works so great and the price is so reasonable! Let me know if any of you planning on trying this.

Where you can get it: Amazon, $20

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9 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the review,Audreiana!This one will be on my list too after I try 100% pure one :)Currently ordering it.
    I read your comment on NMDL,I think we both are on the same page here regarding ingredients.You know this cream works because it has all the best anti aging ingredients on the market now.However,they’re all synthetic.But I don’t see it as a flaw,after all it has good preservative and lots of plants extracts too..

    • Audreiana says:

      No problem Lynn! I really recommend that you try out this eye cream if you ever get around to doing so. It works great! Also, I read your comment on NMDL too and we are definitely on the same page girl :)

      • Lynn says:

        Good to know that!:) To go all oils,butters,and waxes is impossible for me.It all depends on our skin condition after all..oh,and also the weather :)

  2. Salima says:

    Thanks for penning this informative article about eye creams and how to treat dark circles. It was a good read. Although I have tried many products up till now to no-avail, after reading your article I decided to give one more chance to eye creams. I would definitely checkout Mad Hippie’s eye cream soon.Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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