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Scotch Naturals Soy Nail Polish Remover Review, Photos

Scotch Naturals Soy Nail Polish Remover Review, PhotosYeeees! To super clean nail polish removers that come in really classy glass bottles with squirt applicators. I’m not really sure how much better things could get.. I know that there are still some people out there that are on the lookout for a clean nail polish remover that is actually effective and I think that I may have found the one! So keep reading for the juicy details.

Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover comes in a very classy glass bottle like most of Scotch Naturals products do. This remover is dispensed by being sprayed onto the nails or onto a cotton pad which is super convenient and very easy to use this way. It’s consistency is more like an oil than a liquid and the nice thing is that after using this your nails feel very hydrated and moisturized because of the consistency of this stuff. Win,win, won.

When I apply this I usually let the remover sit on my nails for at least 5 minutes (while I watch trash tv) and then I spray some on a cotton pad to begin to remove the nail polish. At this point my nail polish begins to come off so easily, coming off in big huge chunks which can be quite messy if you don’t have a trash or sink on standby. If you leave this on your nails long enough this remover practically does all the work for you and you really don’t have to do much rubbing and tugging at all. I typically just do one spritz per nail and let it sit for 5 minutes at the least and then just peel the polish off since it practically slides off of my nail in one big chunk after doing so!

This nail polish remover does tend to get a bit messy and slippery since one spritz literally coated each of my fingers, and it has a really faint scent that doesn’t smell thee best but it truly beats the smell of regular nail polish remover in the drugstore. But kudos to Scotch Naturals for such ease of removal, I’m not sure that its ever been this easy for me to remove nail polish before. Ever!

Have any of you tried this remover before? If not, let me know what clean polish removers you have in your stash in the comment section below!


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Scotch Naturals Soy Nail Polish Remover Review, PhotosScotch Naturals Soy Nail Polish Remover Review, Photos

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